About Our Privacy Policy

As is the case with many websites, at 451studio we gather anonymous user data such as country of origin, browser type or operating system used. This information is collected with the exclusive purpose of bettering our services, and cannot be used to identify any person in particular.

To learn more about the privacy policies associated with the analytics tools employed by, please see Google Analytics Privacy.

Handling of Personal Information

At 451studio we only gather personal information when users contact us via our online form. The name, email address, message contents and IP address of the user is stored in an electronic file. We use this information strictly to contact users and we neither distribute, share nor sell the data to other companies or individuals.

If you’d like to remove your personal data from our records, please email us at Once we verify your identity we’ll delete the information from our registry.

Confidentiality policy

At 451studio we’re very strict and careful with client information. We don’t publish, share or distribute in any form—such as via blogs, Facebook or Twitter—sensitive data regarding the projects we’re engaged in. We always seek the approval of our clients before sharing any kind of information.

All of the opinions, names and images of clients appearing on this website have been published with the full consent of the responsible parties.

Contact Information

If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, please email us at privacy@